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We offer scalable solutions for trade fairs and exhibitions of all types and sizes

Regardless of whether it is an in-house or public exhibition, training fair, face-to-face or virtual fair or a combination of the formats - U2D Ventari offers the most flexible and comprehensive solution and combines all possible applications in one system. For the perfect and professionally staged appearance that is impressive!


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Applications for presence trade fairs (public and in-house trade fairs)

One or more languages for the trade fair on a microsite, including a welcome, content, dates, FAQ, contact, usually at training and in-house trade fairs
Upstream workflow for determining the stand personnel with, if necessary, recording requirements for e.g. accommodation, transfers, clothing and/or pre-qualification as well as for naming guests to be invited by sales employees and/or regions
Registration and management of stand personnel with correspondence management
Management of hotel contingents based on, for example, hotels, room categories, days, costs
Management and allocation of pre-purchased trade fair tickets to guests, employees and/or (sales) regions
Exhibition tickets
Management and allocation of pre-purchased trade fair tickets to guests, employees and/or (sales) regions
Guided Tours
Calendar with appointment booking for guided tours with defined topics and possibly in different languages
Point of interest
Labeling of exhibits, linking to digital product information and call-to-action such as expressions of interest, participation in sweepstakes, gamification
Lead recording and follow-up: qualification of leads and, if necessary, synchronization with third-party systems, follow-up with dispatch of product information
Meeting rooms
Reservation and booking of free meeting rooms before or during the fair; Signage of meeting rooms with occupancy information and access control
Service Desk
Equipping service counters with hardware and software to determine and notify free and present stand employees as well as scanning business cards and qualifying leads; Generation of name tags for employees and, if necessary, guests; Access control to protected areas
Interactive exhibition plan
Presentation of hall plans, stands and, if applicable, exhibits; Access to product information and contact
Exhibition App
Mobile app for employees for recording attendance, push notifications about upcoming appointments and visitor inquiries at the service desk, lead management, waiter calls, calling up trade fair statistics and an interactive trade fair plan and much more
In-house exhibition
Integration of registrations for your own in-house exhibition during a public exhibition with whitelisting/blacklisting, quota management, transfer management, ticketing and much more
Side Events
Integration of registrations for invited guests to other side events such as evening events during a public fair
Management of profiles, matchmaking and appointment setting function between trade fair guests and exhibitors with the help of personal calendars and communication tools such as chat and e-mail, typically at an in-house trade fair
Onsite Services
Rental of hardware such as scanners, laptops, smartphones, printers, telephony plus setup of LANs/WLANs, configuration of on-site clients with accompanying coordination and support from our experienced project managers
Asynchronous surveys of trade fair guests and/or trade fair employees before, during or after the trade fair
Management reporting with KPI, including visitor statistics per classification feature and day, peak times, annual comparisons, hotel occupancy rates, lead evaluations, participation in guided tours and much more

+ hybrid/virtual exhibition

Virtueller Showroom
Digital twin of trade fair stand and trade fair exhibits with call-to-action, among other things, to provide digital product information, contact, chat function, etc.
Live Cast & Virtual Meeting Room
Streaming of real-time audiovisual content with possible integration of live voting and subsequent provision of streams in media libraries
Provision and access to digital content such as brochures, data sheets and media streams for product demonstrations and much more
Consultant chat
Name-specific and anonymous chat with competent employees, involvement of experts, division into different forums and initiation of a video conference if necessary
Management reporting on dwell times, expressions of interest, access to media library content, evaluation of consultant chats via forums and topics and much more

“U2D Ventari is your event management platform for digital live communication! Virtual. Physically. Hybrid."

Our references

• Training fair(s): RWE & innogy
• Training fair(s): Sachsen Energy (2021)
• Training fair(s): enviaM
• Public/trade fair(s): Cebit and IFA Samsung with evening event (annually since 2014)
• Public /trade fair(s): Paris Air Show MTU (2017)
• Public/trade fair(s): SPS Rittal, Phoenix Contact
• Public/trade fair(s): Expo Real for DekaBank, Spie
• Public/trade fair(s) : E-World for Spie, RWE
• Public/trade fair(s): Bauma for Wirtgen with evening event
• Public/trade fair(s): Bauma for Liebherr
• In-house fair(s): Windmöller & Hölscher during DRUPA
• In-house exhibition(s): Electrolux and Nolte Küchen during the kitchen mile (annually since 2013)
• In-house exhibition(s): OneSpie in-house exhibition • Virtual exhibition(s): Phoenix Contact, Rittal

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Andreas Mändlein

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Siegfried Hornung