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High-quality events off the shelf!

Organize conferences quickly and easily with U2D Ventari - regardless of whether it is a standard conference with 50-200 participants or the unusual start of the year with up to 1000 participants or more. This format often focuses on exchanging ideas and committing to a common strategy.


These companies trust U2D

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Phoenix Contact
Deutsche Vermoegensberatung

Tagung als Präsenzveranstaltung

Mostly monolingual application of the event on a microsite, including a welcome, agenda, location, FAQ, contact
Participant management
Registration of employees/participants, if necessary selection of program items and e-mail communication
Management of hotel contingents based on hotels, room categories, days, among other things
Procedure with break-out sessions
Scheduling with break-out sessions, quota management, and session selection and assignment performed by attendee or event planner
Live Voting
Synchronous questioning of participants during a lecture
Service Desk
Equipping service counters with hardware and software for check-in, late registrations if necessary; Generation of name tags for conference participants
Management of profiles and matchmaking of conference participants before, during or after the conference, e.g. to form car pools for the conference, to exchange experiences and ideas, ...
Integration of gamification during the conference, e.g. at the point of interest, in or between lectures
Social Walls
Display of image galleries & social walls on the microsite or in the mobile app with rating and comment function
Asynchronous survey of conference participants before, during or after the conference
Mobile App
Mobile app for employees including access to microsite content, agenda, live voting, surveys, networking, social walls and reports
Management reporting including evaluations of live voting & surveys, session statistics and much more

+ hybrid/virtual meetings

Virtual Meeting Room
Integration of live streams and video conferencing tools with break-out sessions and, if necessary, grouping
Networking of participants eg during breaks
Management reporting including dwell time in streams & lectures

“U2D Ventari is your event management platform for digital live communication! Virtual. Physically. Hybrid."

Our references

• Allianz
• R+V insurance annual kick-off conferences, management conferences, closed conferences, autumn conferences
• MTU Management Meetings
• Partner conference for auditing company
• German-Swiss Industry Day of BDSV
• German Lawyers' Days, German Real Estate Law Days, German Inheritance Law Days,... of the DAAD
• Rosenheim Window Days & Rosenheimer Door and gate days for IFT Rosenheim

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Andreas Mändlein

Andreas Mändlein
Sales Director