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Planning events has never been easier

We use the term events to refer to events that are not trade fairs, road shows, conferences, congresses, sporting events or training courses. Typical events are, for example, anniversary celebrations, employee or summer parties, incentives, open house days, Covid vaccination events, Christmas parties, honors, award ceremonies, or, or, or...

Characteristic are...
  • Reward character, recognition and celebration like at a Christmas party, honoring, award ceremony, incentive event
  • Mostly heterogeneous range of programs such as an open day or an incentive event
  • often heterogeneous group of participants, employees come accompanied by their partner or family, such as at a staff party, an anniversary event, a Christmas party or an open day
  • plenty of room for socializing and sharing during the event


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Events as face-to-face events

Promotion of the event on a microsite, including a welcome, supporting program, hotel, location, FAQ, contact, ...
Participant management
Registration of guests with/without accompaniment to the event plus program selection, contingent management, e-mail communication
Social Walls
Display of image galleries & social walls on the microsite or in the mobile app with rating and comment function
Synchronous questioning of participants during a program item
Management of profiles and matchmaking of event participants before or during the event, e.g. for the formation of interest groups, for the formation of teams, for the exchange of experiences and ideas
Mobile App
Mobile app for event participants including access to microsite content, agenda, live voting, surveys, networking, social walls, gamification
Service Desk
Equipping service counters with hardware and software for access control; Generation of name tags for event participants
Asynchronous questioning of guests before, during or after the event
Management reporting, among other things, with participant statistics, e.g. based on fire protection regulations, evaluation of live voting/surveys/gamifications and much more

+ hybride/virtual Events

Participant management
Registration of event participants, session selection, e-mail communication
Scheduling with breakout sessions, quota management, and participant or event planner selection and assignment to sessions
Asynchronous surveys of guests and/or employees before, during or after the event
Registration processes
Registration processes via microsite with pre-qualification, appointment booking for sessions & workshops, reminder function and virtual accreditation.
Integration of breakout sessions on various program items and subject areas
Synchronous questioning of guests during a lecture
Social Walls
Display of image galleries & social walls on the microsite or in the mobile app with rating and comment function
Streaming of real-time audiovisual content with possible integration of live voting and subsequent provision of streams in media libraries

“U2D Ventari is your event management platform for digital live communication! Virtual. Physically. Hybrid."

Our references

• R+V 100-year celebration (2022)
• R+V summer party (2019, 2020, 2021)
• RWE summer party
• MunichRe open day (2014)
• Get in touch - Randstad award ceremony

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Andreas Mändlein

Andreas Mändlein

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Siegfried Hornung