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U2D Ventari

Your (COVID) vaccination schedule with U2D Ventari

Secure. Central. Flexible.

Already using Ventari? Use your software now for your appointment planning!

Ihre (COVID)-Impfterminplanung mit 
U2D Ventari

Already using Ventari? Use your software now for your appointment planning!

We have thought the whole thing through and have already prepared it for you.


  • Organization of the registration process and implementation on site

  • Management of sensitive health data

  • Multiple locations, different vaccines with scheduling, contingent availability

  • Permanent changes in circumstances

  • Simple process handling in one tool up to implementation on site (e.g. ad hoc vaccination appointments on site)

  • Central data management in one software

  • High data security (hosting in Germany/Nuremberg)

  • Flexible, fast and individual adjustments with conditional regulations

The U2D Ventari scheduling system in action

We ensure that on-site COVID vaccinations run smoothly.

Ventari Logomark


  • Personalized invitation email

  • Import of participants

  • Open or closed group of participants



  • Easy registration and collection of data

  • Definition of regulations in the process (exclusion criteria)

  • Automatic registration confirmation with opt-in for appointment booking

appointment booking

  • Appointment selection by location and date

  • Determination of individual quotas for each vaccine

  • Automatic appointment confirmation email

  • QR code, information, data protection consent, RKI direct link for each vaccine (anamnesis form)

  • Automatic reminder email/SMS reminders with customizable content


vaccination center

  • Provision of the hardware (scanners, laptops, printers, instruction)

  • On-site accreditation via QR code per station

  • Time stamp, batch number of the vaccine, vaccination card, RKI processing


  • Simple invitation process

  • Open link or personalized to a defined group of participants

Your advantage:

  • Individual short link for direct communication

  • Personalized/personal address for a very personal topic

  • Your CD/styling



  • Simple clear process
  • Conditional Content
  • Automatic registration mail with all data and double opt-in

Your advantage:
  • Individual regulations
  • Participant data record in the overview, creation of table profile


Appointment booking

  • Selection of places and times
  • Appointment selection by vaccine (double/single appointment booking)
  • Quotas
  • Display according to a set of rules

Your advantage:
  • planning for implementation
  • Quotas can be changed flexibly
  • Short-term adjustments possible
  • sdfsdfsdfRules-driven display


Email Options

  • Save the Date

  • Automatic registration confirmation
  • Automatic session confirmation
  • Automatic session reminders

Your advantage:
  • Customizable, personalized content
  • Automation, trigger setting
  • Attachments, documents, links
  • Automatic session reminders


vaccination center

  • Provision of hardware and software
  • Identification of the persons to be vaccinated (VentariOnsiteService VOS) via QR code
  • Document control and data storage
  • Checking the data in the vaccination booth
  • Replacement certificates can be printed out on site
  • Vaccination certificate
  • VOS security checks/plausibility check
  • Registration is possible at short notice on site via VOS

Your advantage:
  • Very simple (VOS) handling with technical support
  • Speed and Efficient
  • Central data management

Impfzentrum (Onsite)

Secure. Central. Flexible. Your benefits at a glance


Secure. Central. Flexible. Your benefits at a glance


High data security


A data tool – from online to onsite


Fast appointment and content creation with rules


Determination of fixed quotas


Connection of external interfaces


Language variants

sdfsdfsdfArrange an online demo now!

For further questions or an online demo we are at your disposal!

Andreas Mändlein

Andreas Mändlein
Sales Director